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Canada Rubber Group Inc. has been in operation since 1987. We specialize in die cutting gaskets for end use consumers to large OEM and automotive customers producing one gasket to one million gaskets per order. We use a myriad of compounds from rubber to asbestos, non-asbestos, paper, plastic, etc. Our plant is 30,000 sq. ft. and we have 15 travelling head and clicker presses along with modern slitters and simplex saws. Our high speed cutting equipment can die cut 50,000 gaskets per hour as well as kiss cut and score. Our inventory on rubber products ranges from.019? thick to 2? thick in rolls and slabs and we stock over one million pounds of various grades and hardnesses. In April of 95 we were registered to ISO-9002 quality standards and in August 1997 were registered to QS-9000. In order to simplify communication we have a 1-800 phone number for USA and Canada (800-668-0646) as well as a W.W. Web site ( and e-mail at ( Our firm is also EDI compatible and uses bar coding when requested.